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Phone not charging with dock

Adrean Dec 12, 2012 11:38AM PST

I recently bought the ci200 alarm clock. I haven't been able to get my phone to charge on the dock. It doesn't even register on my phone as charging. Also, I can't control my music through the clock part either. The clock and alarm is working. I can hook music up through hooking a cable through top of phone to back of clock. It seems like the dock isn't working.

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Hello Capello Dec 13, 2012 09:03AM PST hello, capello Agent
Hi Adrean,

Thanks for your question. Your Ci200 should be able to charge and playback music from your iPhone. Do you see an error message on your iPhone screen when you dock it?

All other functions seem to be working fine, so we can focus on the dock functionality issue.

-capello support
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nightheron Dec 31, 2012 06:05AM PST
I'm having the same problem and it looks like a lot of people are having this problem. Not only does my phone not register or charge, I woke up to static (radio is not consistently picking up signal). The sleep timer is also completely broken. Retailers should be notified of all the problems with this product. They shouldn't be selling so many obviously defective items to consumers.
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abbykjw Dec 31, 2012 08:24AM PST

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Hello Capello Jan 03, 2013 03:43PM PST hello, capello Agent
Hi Adrean,

Thanks for your follow up. We are slightly lost in what is working and what is not working on your Ci200. I'd be more than happy to simply send you a new, replacement Ci200, and also a return label to ask the engineers to evaluate your defective Ci200.

To be sure, Ci200 is tested and certified to work with Apple devices. What model iPhone or iPod are you using?

We have not had any issues with the sleep timer on Ci200, you may be mistaken with the CR21 where we have had some questions from consumers.

We try to troubleshoot and help consumers the best we can. In consumer electronics, you may have some units are not functioning properly, but this is typically minor compared to proper functioning units.

Let us know so we can further help!

Thank you again for your patience.

-capello support
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Hello Capello Jan 08, 2013 02:40PM PST hello, capello Agent
Hi Adrean,

We are following up from our reply on Jan 3rd. Please let us know if you have any further questions. Thanks!

-capello support
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ChoodeNot Jan 15, 2013 10:52AM PST
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ChoodeNot Jan 16, 2013 11:24PM PST
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ChoodeNot Jan 17, 2013 08:09PM PST
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ChoodeNot Jan 18, 2013 02:22PM PST
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ChoodeNot Jan 18, 2013 03:41PM PST
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ChoodeNot Jan 27, 2013 06:46PM PST
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You can boost your cardiovascular fitness through interval training and improve the power of any workout, burning more calories in a shorter period. I tried them on and to my surprise they did indeed fit me, and I could do them up no problem. What you consume while pregnant is crucial for the health of your respective developing baby.

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During the andropause stage, a guy has to are afflicted by a great deal of health troubles and issues that should be dealt with with the proper time. Don't bounce at the bottom and neither stop, push through your heels to pull yourself back, compressing your gluteus muscles buttocks strongly and exhaling while you pass the halfway point. We're discussing Shilpa Shetty, a beauty that is certainly one of the strongest of all the actresses nowadays.

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It is one of the few supplements that are already proven repeatedly by solid research to have a very cardioprotective affect. The important part is choosing the proper cuts, for example sirloin tip steak instead of your marbled with fat ribeye. Another reason is the additional load about the spine will take vertebrae out ofalignment.

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This does mean including stretching and balance work along with cardio exercise, along with strength training, according on the Mayo Clinic. Also, eating meals who have a higher water content, such as soups and fruit, help you stay fuller longer, aiding in weight-loss. With a low carbohydrate diet, individuals have to be faraway from carbs.

The bike now is really a great doggy towel drying rack - inside the garage. Or, should you prefer more rigorous activities, try working your worries out in the kickboxing or indoor cycling class. And trust me, it really is only 1 way how to have rid of extra few pounds once and for all.

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Caffeine supplements also act which has a vengeance about the kidneys, causing powerful diuretic effects and weight-loss due to dehydration. Drinking 16 ounces of water before meals reduces the probability of overeating. a week running for 30 minutes each day, for as long while you're also eating an eating plan of nutritious foods in moderation. - fastest way to burn fat - exercises to lose weight quickly - how fast lose weight - recipes to lose weight - what are fat burning foods - pregnancy hormone to lose weight - fat burning breakfast - how 2 lose weight - i really need to lose weight - losing weight exercise - ways to lose weight fast and free - lose weight quick - fast effective ways to lose weight - diet to lose weight fast - how fast to lose weight - weight reduction diet - want to lose weight fast - lose weight fast in a week - diets to lose weight quickly - how to get lose weight fast
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Farther away, Wellspring Retreats in Colorado provides week-long retreats with day-by-day activity schedules for all those ages. It is good to opt for a yogurt containing live cultures. This time slot might be energizing and get your entire day off to your good start.

Lifting light to moderate weights can help you firm up your muscles, which use-up more calories. Logically, If you didn't eat for any week, u definately will loose weight too. That's why I don't possess "daily" carb intake guidelines.

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Pampering her will these little things will give you better her. There a wide range of means of treating infertility and also the cause will frequently dictate your treatment. The past two weeks I've eaten all my 49 weekly allowance whilst still being lost excess weight. - how to lose weight in a month - shocking foods that burn belly fat - fat burning drinks - herbalife lose weight - how quickly can i lose weight - how do i lose weight fast - i cant lose weight - eat and lose weight - losing weight diet - i need to lose weight now - how t lose weight - healthy diet plans to lose weight - fastest way to lose weight - food diets to lose weight - best way to lose weight fast for women - easy diets to lose weight - lose weight easy - why can t i lose weight - how to lose weight fat[termalias-raw - /pilates-can-certainly-help-scoliosis - liquid diets to lose weight fast
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They engaged in two different upper-body workouts, with each workout separated by 48 hours of sleep. Eat nut butter or nuts moderately as they are calorie-dense but healthy protein options. Additionally, ensure you get outside for a few minutes daily to be able to get enough vitamin D from sunlight.

Through considering these tips, you should be able to pick a fat loss or diet program which will likely be giving you more charm to your money. Running is additionally attributed to balancing body functions like sleep, eating, and relaxation. If you are going home, be sure to policy for you to definitely drive you to and from surgery and also to stay along with you for at the very least one day.

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It's quite difficult to complete, however, a difference in diet and exercise might help you in lessening your blood pressure levels. The meals are based for the principle that this body can perform well when nourished with proteins, carbohydrates and fats. The Next Gen EFX blend posesses a stimulant inside the type of teas, and niacin like a circulation enhancer that may lead you to believe you're burning fat. - diet schedule to lose weight - celebrity diets lose weight fast - best way to lose weight quickly - lose the weight fast - fastest way to burn fat - easiest diet to lose weight fast - how to burn belly fat fast - how to slim down fast - caloric intake to lose weight - how to lose weight diets - healthy diet plan to lose weight fast - how to get lose weight - celebrity diets lose weight fast - good diet to lose weight - losing weight diet plan - a fast way to lose weight - burning belly fat - calorie intake to lose weight - exercises to lose weight - how to burn belly fat
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